Reflections and Prompts

Writing Reflection

The role of grammar in writing is to provide a stable foundation for writers to go off of for their own writing. It helps the writer and the reader by setting the rules and guidelines for good writing which makes it easier for the writer to write correctly and it also makes it easier for the reader to read the piece because both parties know these rules and guidelines.

Grammar instructions that I have experienced usually falls under the sentence correction format and the infamous red pen corrections. These are the typical experiences I have had with Grammar with little emphasis on writing and revising built into the grammar lessons.

My teachers followed a few of the guidelines like reading and writing are connected, more writing increases your skill at it, and that writing is a tool for thinking. The other concepts are new to me, especially the writing is a process belief that talks about the disconnection between the finished text and working on the text when you begin. Using speech to help out your writing has been given to me as advice by a teacher when they told us to read out loud the words to see if they flow well enough for speech.

We look at High School teachers because we are used to these connections. High School teachers are also the basis for much of our knowledge and education that we retain and eventually use in College.


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